BI1m @ UTC Tawau

Bandar Tawau, 91000 Tawau, Sabah, Malaysia

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Start Date
June 2017
End Date
October 2017

Foundation English for Youth
Basic Course. Catered to youth who want to learn English for studying or future careers
Target: Youth


Foundation English for Adults
Basic Course. Catered to adults with limited English who want to improve their skills for work or business
Target: Adults


Foundation English for Housewives
Basic Course. Catered to housewives with low to no English capabilities
Target: Housewives


Foundation English for Teachers
Teaching public school teachers English 21st Century technology tools to transform the classroom
Target: Public School Teachers


Communicative English: Conversation & Confidence in English
Focusing on speaking, conversation and common communication
Target: Working Adults, Youth


Communicative English: Emailing Writing Skills
Learn how to write e-mails in English for professional purposes
Target: Working Adults


Communicative English: Presentation Skills in English
Learn how to create visual presentations and skills to deliver it to an audience
Target: Working Adults


Visual Presentation Design
Learn how to create visual presentations
Target: Students, Youth, Working Adults


Public Speaking Skills
Building self confidence and public speaking skills for delivery to an audience
Target: Students, Youth, Working Adults

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