BI1M is managed by  the National Strategy Unit, Ministry of Finance Malaysia.

The entire team reports to NSU. Below is the profile of the heads of the implementing partner of this programme: SOLS 24/7 Malaysia.

BI1M diuruskan oleh National Strategy Unit (NSU), Kementerian Kewangan Malaysia.

Seluruh pasukan melapor kepada NSU. Berikut adalah profil ketua-ketua rakan kongsi pelaksana program ini: SOLS 24/7 Malaysia.

Danutcha Catriona Singh

Danutcha Catriona Singh

Project Director

With a degree in Communications from Murdoch University, Australia, Danutcha Catriona Singh worked as an editor with national broadcaster, Radio Television Malaysia (RTM) and a journalist with the New Straits Times before taking a bold step to join SOLS 24/7 in Timor Leste.

Prior to moving into the NGO world, Danutcha had already been a part of various community service projects.

After winning the title of Miss MalaysiaIndian 2003, Danutcha was selected for a cultural exchange program to Cambodia. There she met with the Malaysian Ambassador to Cambodia, the Minister of Woman and Community Affairs and various NGO’s to get a clearer idea of the struggles faced by Cambodian woman and children.

She was also part of a week-long recce mission to Banda Aceh, Indonesia after the tsunami disaster in 2004.  While there she displayed calm and compassion, meeting displaced villagers and assisting in translation for the foreign aid workers.

While still in university, Danutcha spearheaded an Alzheimer’s disease awareness campaign for the Alzheimer’s Disease Foundation Malaysia (ADFM) and participated in various cancer and HIV/AIDS campaigns in universities and colleges throughout Malaysia.

Teacher Raj Ridvan Singh

Teacher Raj Ridvan Singh

Programme Advisor

One of the most successful fund-raisers in Malaysia, educational revolutionist and social entrepreneur, Teacher Raj Ridvan Singh began his career amid the social and financial poverty of Cambodia in the late 90’s. As a 14-year old, Teacher Raj experienced sacrifice, selling his material possessions as he co-founded an NGO, SOLS 24/7 Cambodia, to provide free education and personal development to Cambodian youth. By the age of 17 and becoming the youngest Microsoft Computer System Engineer in ASEAN, Teacher Raj once again faced the choice of continuing his successful career in Malaysia or sacrificing financial comfort for the life of a social worker.

With spirituality and a strong social activist background governing his decision, Teacher Raj left the comforts of Malaysia and returned to Cambodia, before heading to Timor Leste during a time of civil war to found and run SOLS 24/7 Timor Leste. His innate business skills and continuous activism guided him through the challenges of setting up and running an education based NGO, helping it grow to become the largest non-formal education provider in the country.

After returning to Malaysia, and now with more than 20 years in the social service sector, Teacher Raj started tax-exempted, humanitarian organization, SOLS 24/7 Malaysia and began tapping into his entrepreneurial strengths to pioneer the concept of blending the worlds of social service (NGO) and entrepreneurship. 300,000+ individuals have benefitted from SOLS 24/7’s programmes and projects and it has grown into one of the leading and most innovative NGOs in Malaysia.

In 2010, he set up SOLS Social Enterprises, from start-up stage to a multi-million Ringgit organization within nine months. SOLS Social Enterprises focuses on four sectors, Education, Technology, Mental Health and Renewable Energy, all which play a crucial role enhancing the quality of life of people transcending race, gender, culture and age.

Notable work experiences:

  • More than 16 years experience of setting up and running grass root NGO and social entrepreneur activities.
  • Founded SOLS 24/7 Timor Leste in November 2006 and SOLS 24/7 Malaysia in November 2007.
  • Currently serving as CEO of SOLS 24/7 and SOLS Social Enterprises.
  • SOLS 24/7 is a tax exempt foundation with 12 programmes nationwide.
  • SOLS Social Enterprises runs businesses that address health, energy, technology and education. Uses social enterprise model applying commercial business strategies to maximise improvements in human and environmental well-being.
  • Initiator and CEO of SOLS SMART, the corporate arm of SOLS 24/7 Malaysia. SOLS SMART provides scholarship implementation and management to corporations and foundations as well as corporate training to corporations and government agencies.
  • 80% of all profits is channeled to SOLS 24/7. Within 3 months and an RM 10,000 startup, he turned it into a multi million dollar enterprise and it is ever expanding.
  • Initiator and CEO of SOLS Tech. The technology arm of SOLS 24/7. “Technology and solutions for the poor” Thus enabling thousands of underserved individuals access and ownership of computers and technology.
  • Initiator and CEO of ngohub.asia. ‘The NGO Hub’ A first of its kind online platform in Asia. ngohub.asia
  1. Connects volunteers with NGOs and causes
  2. Platform for NGOs and Community groups to apply for grants and crowd source in kind
  3. National NGO Database
  4. Promotion for events and programs of NGOs and similar activities


  • Father of two children, whom he adores (though they barely let him sleep).
  • First Malaysian to be selected for the International Ford Motor Company Fellowship, Columbia University, New York.
  • Speaker at the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Programme of Educational Innovations for Development (APEID) – 2016
  • Awarded Golden Globe Tigers Summit NGO Leader Award – 2015.
  • Finalist Commonwealth Youth Worker Award- 2014
  • Awarded the YouthActionNet Award-2004 by International Youth Foundation.
  • The Youth & ICT Award-2005 by Global Knowledge Partnership.
  • Presented the Youth Social Enterprise Fellowship by YSEI in 2006.
  • Winner of the KLue Blue Chilli Award Malaysia 2008.
  • In 2009, he setup two state-of-the-art ICT Labs for the National University of Timor Leste, fully funded by USAID.
  • Certified Microsoft Systems Engineer at the age of 17, youngest in ASEAN.
  • Received a letter of praise and support from Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and President of Timor Leste, Dr Jose Ramos Horta for SOLS 24/7′s efforts in Timor Leste in July 2009.
  • Represented ASEAN, Malaysia and Cambodia in several distinguished international conferences in Malaysia, Tunisia, Argentina, Sri Lanka, USA, Australia, Singapore, Thailand and Cambodia. Plenary speaker at several of these conferences presenting on youth related issues and sharing his work experience in implementing sustainable socio-economic development programs for poor urban and rural communities.
  • Social Entrepreneur of the Year, SME & Entrepreneurship Business Awards 2017.
Chun Wah Hoo

Chun Wah Hoo

Director Outreach

Wah Hoo is a passionate edu-preneur with deep interest in Psychology and Character Development. After spending 9 years working in sales and marketing, being a Brand Manager for a multinational pharmaceutical company, he took a divergent path to pursue his interest in social work and youth education, thus joining SOLS 24/7.

He is also a certified Hypnotherapist trained at the London College of Clinical Hypnosis (LCCH). Knowledge in psychology strengthens his beliefs that teaching psychology in early education can change the world.

He is very passionate in bringing social and economic change to the community through education and currently devotes all his time and energy to this cause.

Teeneswary K. Jayaraman

Teeneswary K. Jayaraman

Director Operations

Teeneswary is Chief Operating Officer of SOLS 24/7. Previously an Academic Manager in SOLS 24/7’s Scholar Development Program and head of SOLS 24/7 Malaysia Education and Training department. She played a key role in tutoring subject matters and handout preparations particularly for scholars under the Yayasan Peneraju Pendidikan Bumiputera (YPPB) scholarship program. She is also involved in academic affairs with colleges.

She received her Bachelor Degree from University Malaysia Sabah, Conservation Biology and is currently pursuing her Masters in Education at University Malaya. Her scholarly efforts are devoted to teaching and couching students in Chemistry.

She has been in teaching and motivating A-levels and South Australian Matriculation students for the past three years.  She has conducted many seminars in various places in Sabah.

Before joining SOLS 24/7 she was teaching in a private school in Penang.

Tim Spijker

Tim Spijker

Director Quality Control

Tim Spijker is a Dutch social entrepreneur driven to serve humanity through education and social empowerment solutions. With extensive work experience in the non-profit industry, his expertise lies in organisational strategy, project management and quality control for large education programmes. Tim has played a key role in the rapid growth of SOLS 24/7 in Malaysia over the past 6 years and he has served the organisation in various capacities, from volunteer to COO. Tim is starting the NGO’s first branch in Europe with the establishment of SOLS 24/7 Netherlands in 2017.

Tim’s professional career in the social sector started after his experience as volunteer teacher in Southeast Asia in 2009. He chose to continue his voluntary services in Malaysia and to pursue his career in the development sector over a marketing career in The Netherland. Throughout his years with SOLS 24/7, Tim learned the ropes of running a non-profit organisation and by closely working with SOLS 24/7 CEO-Founder, Teacher Raj Ridvan Singh, he obtained firsthand experience in all aspects related to non-profit management and leadership.

Being a firm believer in the power of education, Tim is determined to spend his life bringing quality education to those from low-income households and to uplift their socio-economic conditions. With opening SOLS 24/7 Netherlands, he aims to bring SOLS 24/7’s innovative education programmes and social services to his native country to expand the organisation’s outreach and address social challenges in Europe, while inspiring youth and professionals to join the movement of giving back to society.

Tim holds a Master Degree (MSc) in Marketing from VU University, Amsterdam and a Bachelor Degree (BEc) in Small Business & Retail Management from Inholland University, Amsterdam. With an academic background in business studies, he strives to synergise best business practices with the need for human-centred approaches in the non-profit industry and to develop sustainable solutions to address gaps in society.

Notable work experiences

  • More than 6 years work experience in non-profit management in Malaysia, including 3 years as Chief Operating Officer.
  • Member of the Management Board of SOLS 24/7 Malaysia since 2014.
  • Initiator and CEO of SOLS 24/7 Netherlands (www.sols247.org/nl) since 2017. The organisation’s first branch in Europe aiming to offer education solutions and social services to under-served communities in Europe.
  • Head the performance management department and the set up and development of a performance monitoring system.
  • Played a leading role in most major report publications, proposals and presentation decks.
  • Key liaison for stakeholder management with various clients and donors.
  • Centre Exam Manager (CEM) for Cambridge English authorised centre MY498 (SOLS 24/7) during the first year of the partnership.
  • Represented the organisation at international conferences and meetings in Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, and The Philippines.
  • Worked at SOLS 24/7 Malaysia in various capacities which gave him great insight and understanding of the complexity of running a large non-profit organisation. Started as a Volunteer Teacher; became the Personal Assistant to the Director; was the Deputy Director for Admin & Operations; got promoted to Chief Operating Officer (COO), and now going to lead the organisation in Netherlands as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for SOLS 24/7 Netherlands.
  • Voluntary placements in Malaysia and Cambodia in 2009 and 2011 giving him an eye-opening experience and unique insight in the daily challenges of those from poor and rural communities.

Contact details

Email: tim@sols247.org
Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/timspijker

Daniela Strîmbei

Daniela Strîmbei

Director Education

With more than five years of project management and training experience in international non-formal education in Europe, Daniela moved to Malaysia in 2014 to start working in grassroots education, currently being Head of Education and Training Department in SOLS 24/7 Malaysia.
Having a Business Administration bachelor degree and a Geopolitics and Foreign Affairs Master degree, prior to joining the organization, she also worked in a multinational corporation as Accounts Payable, being as well the liaise between international stakeholders, managing client communication and team professional training.

She believes that besides theoretical information, personal and professional development must be a part of education. Because she feels that updated and valuable education is not yet equally available for everybody, but a luxury for some groups, she decided to join efforts with Malaysian education providers to make it happen.

Her goal in life is to generate a positive change for the people around her.  She works to help others reach their full potential and be the best of themselves.

Álvaro Viñuales

Álvaro Viñuales

Director Finance

Álvaro Viñuales is a man of convictions and a workaholic. Subscribing wholly to the credo “Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success”, Álvaro spends his days in SOLS 24/7 in the Accounting Department, conducting financial planning and record-keeping, as well as financial reporting to higher management.

After studying his MBA in Australia, Álvaro came to Malaysia challenged by the impossible to work in the non-profit sector because he was tired of working in corporations and companies only interested in making profit. Here, he feels a part of the vision and mission of the organisation more keenly, as well as the impact that follows meaningful work. His extensive background includes eight years of accounting, auditing and consultancy experience in Spain and Australia, as well as involvement in NGO projects in Indonesia.

Shara Palanivel

Shara Palanivel

Director Technology

Shara likes solving problems and building things. He is a passionate learner and loves making software to automate life for himself and other people. He has helped make hundreds of apps for millions of people, mostly in education. His first interaction with SOLS 24/7 was in one of his earlier lives as an organizer of Hackweekend in 2011/2012.

SOLS 24/7 were happy to sponsor events that were about getting talented developers and designers to build and demo apps over a weekend. Technology is transformative in its effect on the world and can be used to create and propagate the most positive of changes. Those early hackathons and the people that believed in creating a space for people to use technology to solve problems played a tiny part in seeding the early generations of startups in Malaysia and their ecosystem; an ecosystem that has now blossomed to a huge value creating industry for a tremendous amount of people on an almost global scale.

SOLS 24/7’s visionary foresight in empowering people with education and technology means that his and SOLS goals will always be in alignment. He also loves reading, traveling, and bandanas.

Ellisha Othman

Ellisha Othman

Director Mental Support

Ellisha is a registered clinical psychologist with the Malaysian Society of Clinical Psychology. She was professionally trained in administering psychological assessments, conducting intervention programs and community mental health promotion programs predominantly in cognitive and behavioural approaches (CBT) under the tutelage of renowned clinical psychologists at the Health Psychology Unit, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia; Pain Clinic, Hospital Serdang; Psychiatry Department, Hospital Kajang; and Psychiatry Department, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Medical Centre.

Ellisha has worked with children and adolescents as well as adult population on a myriad of psychological and developmental disorders, behavioural management, parenting skills and chronic pain. Her research area included studying mood and anxiety disorders amongst learning disorder and gynaecological cancer population. Prior to her career in psychology, she completed her tertiary education under the Renong Group Scholarship Trust Fund with an ensuing career in the areas of corporate finance and strategy. Nevertheless, her unwavering interest in the field of psychology compelled her to pursue professional training in clinical psychology.

She is also currently incorporating her corporate and psychology training with her interest in education through consultation work on other SOLS 24/7 Malaysia programs namely, Scholar Management program to develop well-rounded scholars from challenging background as well as tutoring pre-university level psychology; and Project Library to inculcate the reading culture among the underprivileged communities through the establishment of reading spaces across SOLS 24/7 Community Centres.

Ellisha developed a keen interest in community-based psychology as she was inspired by the principles of Adlerian psychology during her clinical psychology training – that the interconnectedness of an individual’s well-being to the community’s social, economic, environmental and psychological well-being is an undergirding factor in fuelling the human need and ability to create positive social change. These principles were further reinforced by her experience with SOLS 24/7 Malaysia and their principles of serving, educating and empowering vulnerable and marginalised communities which eventually led to the establishment of the SHIELD program.

The SHIELD  program is committed to promote social change through supporting communities through the following initiatives: alleviating the prolonged detrimental impact of psychological disorders; reducing barriers by improving accessibility psychological services; promoting community health to improve quality of life; creating awareness through promotion psychosocial education; and developing socially responsible practitioners. SHIELD has now expanded and is now SOLS Health.


  • Bachelor of Commerce, University of Sydney (2002)
  • Master of Commerce, UNSW Australia (2003)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Health Psychology, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (2010)
  • Master of Clinical Psychology, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (2012)

Other Qualification

  • Associate, CPA Australia (Inactive)
  • Full Member, Malaysian Society of Clinical Psychology (Current)
Mohammed Reza Pochee

Mohammed Reza Pochee

Regional Coordinator

Hailing from South Africa, Reza joined the SOLS 24/7 team in 2013 as a volunteer. He instantly fell in love with Malaysia and became a Community Development Officer after three months. After devoting a year to shore up ailing community centres around Malaysia through rebuilding centre confidence, recruiting students and teaching English. He was promoted to the Regional Manager for the state of Kedah, where he spent another year devoting his energy to serve and educate the community.

With six years of professional sports coaching experience in various schools around South Africa and his experience working in SOLS 24/7 from volunteer to Regional Manager, Reza has extensive practical experience in the field.

After a short hiatus back to South Africa due to documentation issues, Reza is now back due to his love for the organization, the family-like relationship he has with his colleagues and the meaning in the work he does. He does not know what the future holds, but he aims to continue making a difference by serving the underserved.

Syed Azmi

Syed Azmi

Regional Coordinator

Syed Azmi Alhabshi is a someone you would call an NGI (Non Government Individual). NGI is a newly recognised platform to create individuals to be active do-ers in making changes in the society no matter how big or small with the most minimal cost. We thrive on ideas and daring to try new pilot innovations. The main aim is to bring out more individuals to be changemakers in their local setting without the nitty gritty of paperwork, group, sustainability, scaling up and man made rules. Think of it as a fire starter.

Syed Azmi has a degree in Pharmacy from UKM and still practices till today in a small kampung shop. His main love is pharmaceutical care in the elderly which resonates with what he does on the sideline.

The causes that he champions has always been about the beneficiaries and he highlights the issue in his Facebook page. The causes may not be big, sustainable or measurable but plays an impact to the beneficiaries.  To him, that is what matters. At this juncture, he has dabbled in 48 causes but as of 2016, he is streamlining his causes on alternative education,  poverty and employability, mannerism and racial harmony based on knowledge, discussion, excursion and an open mind. He did the infamous “I Want To Touch A Dog” event that invited death threats and scorn but have helped him leap higher to where he is now. With more than 100 thousand followers in total from a diverse range of age, race and religion, he is now at his peak to reach out to many Malaysians.

Since August 2016, by joining NGOHub, he embarks on a new adventure in trying to help the social sector make bigger impact through collaborations and knowledge sharing.

Muhsin Abdul Razak

Muhsin Abdul Razak

Regional Coordinator

Muhsin brings with him hands-on and community experiences by founding and establishing creative agency, art space, publishing house and independent creative festival that mostly focus on alternative arts since 2011. He has worked with various creative communities for nearly a decade and established himself as an advocate for respective communities.

By joining NGOHub, he embarks on a new adventure in effort to contribute for different causes than he ever did through collaboration and society empowerment.

Hamdan Akau

Hamdan Akau

Regional Coordinator

An ambitious and hardworking NGO worker, who has built a career in the social world. Extensive experience with community project management and youth development.