• Courses Offered

The BI1M programme uses a specialized method of teaching students English. The focus is on speaking, practicing and correct form. Teachers are trained to create a safe space in the classroom so that students feel secure when trying to break the fear of speaking English. Classes are also tailored to the student group. For example, small business owners will have a segment that covers the vocabulary they would commonly use.



No BI1M English Programme Outcome
1 Communicative English: Conversation & Confidence in English


  • Focusing on speaking, conversation and common communication
  •  Target: Working Adults, Youth, Housewives, Students
2 Communicative English: E-mail Writing Skills
  • Learn how to write e-mails in English for professional purposes
  • Target: Working Adults, Youth, Students
3 Communicative English: Presentation Skills in English
  • Learn how to create visual presentations and skills to deliver it to an audience
  • Target: Working Adults, Youth, Students
4 Foundation English: Housewives
  • Basic Course. Catered to housewives with low to no English capabilities 
  • Target: Housewives
5 Foundation English: Youth
  • Basic Course. Catered to youth who want to learn English for studying or future careers
  • Target: Youth, Students
6 Foundation English: Adults
  • Basic Course. Catered to adults with limited English who want to improve their skills for work or business
  • Target: Working Adults
7 Visual Presentation Design new
  • Learn how to create visual presentations 
  • TargetStudents, Youth, Working Adults
8 Public Speaking Skills new
  • Building self confidence and public speaking skills for delivery to an audience
  • TargetStudents, Youth, Working Adults
9 Foundation English for Teachers new
  • Teaching public school teachers English 21st Century technology tools to transform the classroom
  • TargetPublic School Teachers
10 Comprehension Skills in English new
  • Tools for analysing and understanding complex texts in English
  • TargetYouth, Students, Housewives, Working Adults