About BI1M

Bahasa Inggeris 1Malaysia (BI1M) is a programme that provides English training to all Malaysians nationwide, regardless of age, gender and ethnicity for free! It is an initiative under the National Blue Ocean Strategy (NBOS), implemented by the Ministry of Finance in partnership with humanitarian organisation SOLS 24/7. Classes will be held at 15 locations nationwide, and the aim is to improve the standard of English in the country by teaching communicative English to Malaysians in urban and rural areas.

Why is English Important?

  • English is the global business language.
  • English is the international language of the world’s organisations (ASEAN, UN, NATO, EU, IMF, World Bank, etc.)
  • English is the language of scientific publishing and technology.
  • English is the professional requirement of occupations like law, medicine and computer science.
  • English is the international language of seafaring and aviation.
  • English makes up 52% of all Internet content.


Why BI1M?

Malaysians go through 11 years of English classes in school. Most Malaysians understand English at a basic level. The primary difficulty is not in understanding English but in speaking English. Language anxiety, the lack of practice and the fear of failure all contribute to a barrier that prevents Malaysians from speaking the language.

Reading, writing and listening is important, but the focus and the aim of BI1M is to do anything to help Malaysians speak the language fluently, confidently and correctly.

Students don’t pay a cent.

All they have to do is attend classes.

We teach you “how” to speak,

not “what” to speak.

Teachers are trained to create a safe

space to practice English.